The Kitchen Design Deposit

Once you choose your kitchen designer, you should be prepared to sign a retainer agreement to have your kitchen designed and detailed shop drawings rendered.   As with any good marriage, the commitment of both parties to a happy, productive relationship is required and the retainer is the document that specifies that relationship. 

Think of it as the kitchen designer equivalent of a prenuptial agreement!

kitchen remodeling project cad drawings

In return for the retainer, I apply all of my knowledge, skill and expertise in designing the kitchen of your dreams.  The result is detailed drawings that become your property.  You are under no obligation to purchase cabinetry from me and can take the drawings to purchase cabinets elsewhere.  However, should you choose to purchase cabinets from me, the retainer will be applied against the cost of the cabinetry.

If after several meetings with me or any kitchen designer you are uncomfortable signing a retainer agreement, I recommend that you re-invigorate your search for someone new to help you with your dream kitchen.  Professional designers understand that spectacular kitchens are a collaboration between kitchen designer and client.  I need you to trust and feel comfortable with me if I am to do my very best work for you.

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Did You Know?

On average, design retainers are normally between 5% and 20% of a project's total cost. The scope and amount of work required to make detailed drawings determines the retainer amount.